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We at Topstar Trading are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality Kaftan Dresses in bulk. We offer number of different types of long and short caftans for women depending on the customer requirement.

Nowadays Kaftans or Caftans have become a very integral part of women’s wardrobe, so it is imperative to find special manufacturing companies that can make high quality dresses. Topstar Trading  is one the leading Wholesale Kaftan Suppliers Company and Caftan manufactures in Bulk Quantity.  Be it an Arabic Caftans wholesale, kaftan dubai or Designer kaftan Dresses , we expertise in all categories and launch more than 150 new designs every year to catch up with new fashion trends.  

Printed category knows no boundary and thus Printed Kaftan Dresses are always in demand across globe irrespective of varied fashion trends in different parts of world.  In Arab fashion Printed caftans are sold across economic classes , be it high end, middle or lower income group customers.  Classified as Casual Dresses they are worn in most of the occasions in South east Asia too.  Being a Leading Caftans suppliers our printed Caftans are always in demand.
We have successfully exported Kaftans to Middleast countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia and Malaysia for the last 20 years. Our manufacturing Unit has a production capacity of 6000 kaftans per day,